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Our key competitive advantage includes a centralised and cloud-based switching platform which significantly reduces the cost of transacting whilst increasing the economics associated with transactions for both issuers and consumers.


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We have built a resilient payment system to simplify the payment of bills as well as integration for bill issuers. Our collection profile includes retailers as well as e-commerce platforms which integrate directly into our own payment gateway.


The SwitchOne technology platform includes a vertically integrated prepaid electricity and prepaid water solution that can be integrated into both municipal and private utility environments. The solution includes token generation, meter management, third-party vending as well as settlement and reconciliation.


We can offer a third-party vending footprint that includes retail, private vendors, e-commerce, major banks, petrol stations, cell phone vending, internet vending, credit card and debit card-based vending as well as a significant number of handheld POS terminals in the informal sector.


The platform facilitates both fixed and variable airtime as well as data for all networks. Our platform provides for both a hosted as well as direct third-party integration for distribution to POS and/or e-commerce.


The platform facilitates the Top up your DSTV account or your Box Office account via our e-commerce, self service solutions and integrated retail channels.


The platform facilitates Lotto via our e-commerce, self service solutions and integrated retail channels.


Our universal voucher is a rewards-based voucher whereby the owner of the voucher can redeem the face value of the voucher on VAS products, be it prepaid airtime, electricity, bill payment or gaming/betting.


Voucher options are available for both fixed and variable values. Vouchers can be customizable and can be used within a closed or open network.


SwitchOne has concluded an exclusive deal with Soccer Shop which allows us to offer a soccer voucher to our retail and e-commerce clients with attractive commercials.


The International Gaming group was established in 1995. The business offers comprehensive fixed odds wagering on sporting events and thoroughbred local and international sports.


The offering has mobile & online betting platforms that are supported by a 24–hour call center.


Soccer is the world's most loved sport, and — by extension — the most popular sport for online betting in South Africa.


Soccer betting makes up around 90% of all sports bets placed in South Africa and abroad.


From the local PSL to the world's most-watched English Premier League as well as the UEFA Champions League, South Africans cannot get enough of soccer, and they absolutely love betting on soccer online.


SwitchOne offers a wide range of unique services that we tailor to each individual’s need, and with our outstanding workforce we can offer you something that no other business can.


SwitchOne's solutions allow for distribution of tokens or direct top up products.


Businesses have the option to tailor SwitchOne's technology for your business.


SwitchOne clients have the option to tailor our switch and our products with the look and feel your company requires.


We offer tailormade solutions for customer interfaces which includes:

  • USSD
  • Portals
  • App for Android and IOS
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